Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bloomington - again ~~

Crystal trees: one of the 4 days (in the last 100 years) when IU decides to close due to weather conditions, or else known as the day I almost couldn't have my recital. February 14, 2007

Then it opened, so I could play again, phew~~

Recital at 28th week


Our archangel (blocks built by assitant prophet angel, NabĂ­)

Babies, baby stuff, mothers Our beloved lutenist

Saturday, February 03, 2007


This is not a disclaimer: but I've never thought I would buy into this whole women love being pregnant propaganda. Today, in my 26th week of being pregnant, I SAW my stomach move!!!! Having been feeling the kicks and turns for weeks now, I was stunned to look down and actually SEE my stomach move. It was amazing, but mainly indescribable. Aside from that whole alien reminder, I think I was literally *moved* by my pregnancy for the first time! Just a passing thought to share. Hope everybody is well~~~