Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Chiaoscuro - Part II : tour to Ribadeo, Galicia

NabĂ­´s pre-concert lecture

Gerard tuning

post-concert questionnaire

streets in Ribadeo


boats at Ribadeo´s harbor

Bernat´s foot on the boat

Ribadeo skies

As Catedrais - low tide

Juliano :)


As Catedrais - a few hours later, high tide

Project Chiaoscuro - Part I: meet the protagonists

Mr. Gerry von Amsterdairy - as the expert tuner

our back-up violone player

as the consecutive winner of 8 H&N stars Chef

as one of Mia's favorite people

as the birthday boy

Robert - our very own cello and violin maker and emergency instrument fixer/photographer/philosopher/vaccine expert

Robert working on Antonin's violin in our garden until wee hours

Philipp - imported Grammy monopolizer sound engineer from Berlin

Philipp as Mia's buddy

yours truly - in Vilallonga

yours truly - kind of serious

yours truly's beloved

TWO of yours truly's beloveds


Juliano - our super violin/viola trans-performer


Oriol -or else known as the Dolce & Gabbana boy

D&G hard at work

D&G plus Antonin

Antonin - the Alpha mascot

self named Beavis and Butthead

Jan and his very tall instrument

the girls at as Catedrais in Ribadeo

matching girls in Girona

the dynamic duo with one very dirty foot

Gerard, Francesca and Jan

La Mafia Barroca

The Barcelona Village People

a bunch of monks and two matching maidens

group photo 1

group photo 2

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Language of Mia

I thought it might be fun for our friends to get to know some of M's words, especially for those of you who are joining us in August for our big Bach project. She's combining both English and Catalan, and adding a few of her own vowels here and there. Talkative and expressive, we spend most of the day trying to figure out what it is that she's pointing at, or saying. It's all soooo, cute :)

Here's the list:
Bo (book)
Bir-t (bird)
Ai-ya (water, or Aigua in Catalan)
Nee-a (Mia)
Mama (to express when she's upset)
Papapa (the rest of the time when she's not upset)
Nana or na-Nana (banana, or whatever fruit she sees)
o-LA!(when putting a random object by her ear, as a phone)
NA! (NO!)
naynaynay (when she's REALLY upset)
and finally, the latest, and by far, most advanced, AND our favorite:

DIE-per (diaper)!!! YAY for Nee-a!!