Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Californian Secret Santa Reserfaces

Thank you again, Secret Santa from San Mateo, California!! :) We loved the posters and sing these songs to M regularly. M wants to know when you will reveal your earthly identity :)

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth.

this and that

clearly impressed by mom's honey grapefruit peel hat...

a little more enthusiasm from the father

wishful thinking snowsuit


poncho gal

Mia's first girls' party - Julia's Second birthday

My daughter has a livelier social life than mine :)

early conversations

By now, Mia has learned enough words to participate in short and sweet conversations.
I thought I may share some for those friends and families that are coming to visit us soon:

Heidi: What's your name?
M: Mia
Heidi: Wie heisst du?
M: Mia
Heidi: Com et dius?
M: Mia
Heidi: Como te llamas?
M: Mia
Heidi: do you want cake?
M: (silence)

Heidi: one...
Heidi: three...

Heidi: how many cats do we have, one or TWO CATS?
M: twoooo cats!

Heidi: Mia, would you like some cheese?
M: yeah! cheesh!