Thursday, July 26, 2007

big day

thank you, Auntie Kristen
Gràcies de la Mia, oncle Goel!
WOW, check out that neck muscle!
and another angle

one of Mia's favorite places, in papi's arm


We (H, N, M) spent last week in a forest in Carves (Southern France), playing several concerts and making new baby friends for Mia. The concerts were organized by Jean-Paul and Antonin through their brand new venue, a theatre in the forest Atelier Théâtre 24

The stage was built by Jean-Paul and Antonin, both used to work for Peter Brook's theatre group. A bonus for us was that both Jean-Paul and Antonin have a small baby under the age of 1, so the whole affair was baby friendly :) It helped a lot for a new mommy like myself, to venture forth and be traveling with a harpsichord AND a baby. The trip took A LOT longer than anticipated, since we found out that Mia absolutely detests the car chair regardless of the brand or type.
We performed the first concert with Mia attached to me in a wrap (see photo below). In principle, it was cool and funny, but in reality, I was so stressed out that she would burst into a song as a new soprano Ms. Whines-a-lot, I absolutely refused to do it again for the next two concerts in order to preserve my dwindling sanity.
The forest was beautiful, in fact, that entire part of France is beautiful. When not rehearsing, we spent some precious time picnicking by the river, cooking for each other, taking walks by the farm, listening to rain (a rarity in Spain) and catching up with friends. The rest of the time, we spent in calming our hollering babies, being sent to the doctor after discovering Heidi is (VERY) allergic to spider bites, watching the farmhouse pet mouse dot around the kitchen whenever we sit down to eat...etc. All in all, an adventuresome week for everybody :)

Here are some visuals:

One of the five minutes when Mia was happy in the car, thank you, Auntie Lisa, for the little book :) Mila (Anton and Tatiana's) and Mia :)
No event would be complete without a good front leg of a pig from Spain Marieke, a last minute God-sent violinist
Mia's first baby friend, Carlos (Anton and Tatiana's second)
an original painting by Vermeer
Mia's first concert after birth, a family concert where everyone is on stage


hanging out with Carlos

mommy Tati and mommy HeidiAnton and Mila doing yoga
forest fairies

week in Southern France

river play
view from kitchen window
view from bedroom window



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vielen Dank, Hartmut und Sabine!

ok, I admit it, I'm having way too much fun with
Mia's toys...