Tuesday, August 28, 2007

San Mateo, California

Mia just got a lovely little package in the mail from San Mateo, California. The box is decorated with butterflies and her name cut out from magazines, inside contained two cute outfits from Baby Gap and a little bracelet and a MIA cup.

Thank you to Alexis Esquerre (name of the sender). Do we know each other? :) the gifts are so time appropriate and thoughtful, we wonder if you are a baby gift stork? :)

It's addressed to Mia c/0 Barcelona Barroc...did we meet in a concert? is this a surprise from someone who DO know?

Anyway, many thanks from all of us!

serendipity - more pix from walks

promised omelet

here is a picture of the omelet I made with the wild asparagus we found from our garden :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

and you ask me why I miss rain

we've had a week of unusual weather for this time of the year, to my utter delight, it has been cool and raining all week, and instead of a walk in the neighborhood, Mia and I took a walk in our garden this afternoon and look what's flowering and fruiting :)

wild asparagus (a pic of the omelete will follow, maybe for tomorrow's breakfast)

close-up of asparagus

morning glorylook who else we found
hoya close-up

dipladeniadipladenia close-up
from seeds
my dill farm

lemon verbena blossomsmy mediterranean herb garden: lavender, lemon verbena, rosemary and sage
REALLY tall pines
ying and yang (ok, more yang than ying here)
more ying and yang

morning newspaper

my very own flower :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I too, can make foam
funny lips


Monday, August 20, 2007

likes and dislikes

This morning I popped in Jacques Brel's Jaurès, and cringed after the first three notes. I scrolled down to one of Mia's favorites, Hammer and a Nail by Indigo Girls, and my spirit was immediately lifted. This led me to discover that I'm getting to know the little one day by day, her likes and dislikes, granted, there are still so many moments during the day when I have NO idea why she cries, fusses or ishappy, but each day, I think (and hope) I know her just a little more. For friends and families far away, this is where Mia's at these days:


hates the sound of motorcycles
hates applauses in concerts
adores and smiles at her own image from the mirror
falls asleep easily to the sounds of:
Art of the Fugue, metronome ticking at 60, Tom Waites' early songs
loves staring at...TABLECLOTHES
has not acquired the fine taste of kisses flavored with nectarine
ignores Skippy, the cat
enjoys staring, and outstaring at people
smiles and giggles when hears her own voice repeated back to her
loves to be softly brushed on the face by the ends of mommy's hair
is absolutely bored (to tears) by the hours when m and d watch 6-feet Under
is slowly discovering and appreciating the art of traveling (in cars)
adores butterfly kisses, and will coo and make soft singing sounds

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another weekend of work and play

we repeated the concerts which we played in France this weekend in a place north of Barcelona, called Vilallonga de Ter, near Camprodon. Anton (and family) and Marieke came down to Spain and stayed with us. We gave a house concert before we left for the concert.

meanwhile, Mia and Carlos had another baby meeting :)

papas Nabí´s parents came up to help babysit during the concert, for which, we were grateful.
the church where we played, and Mac, our green van...
view of the Pyrenees from our hostel room across from the church
a walk with Mia in Camprodon

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tack så hemskt mycket!, Isak & Elin!!

someone watching over me a whole lot of pink and red
what the....