Saturday, June 21, 2008

One of M´s favorite people - avi Enric


my wisteria seeds sprouted!! I asked my father-in-law Enric to bring some seeds from a neighboring garden last year. Now all I have to do is wait 15 years for it to become a tree and flower!!

finally, a white morning glory...

I wanted to see what Syriana Hibiscus looks like, so I bought one...from LIDL! and here it is, after waiting forever for it to flower, and it was immediately eaten by something :(

Dress Sanchís - merci, oncle José

M´s got a new toy, a spanking new tractor (yes, quite butch of us, I know). As you can see here,
she´s yet to figure out what the conventional way of riding one looks like.

here´s M deadheading her favorite white flowers

then pretending it´s a treat to attract Skippy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden updates

Charles de Gaulle on a gloriously sunny day

C. de Gaulle with his brother on a cloudy day

C. de Gaulle

Perspiring Sonia

Night Scented Stock - RIP (learn your lesson, H, they DO NOT transplant well, AGAIN!)



self seeded morning glories

pansies from seeds

double leafed geranium

more border flowers


single lonely strawberry

Romaine lettuce




lavender blooms

wild asparagus

empress' clothes have almost reached her upper torso

bitter oranges

door and gate

hoya buds


Mia's garden balls

Gerry, can you remind me what these were called? they came in your last batch of seeds...edibles

also, could you ID this one for us? we got it as a cutting from our neighbor, it has heart shaped flowers (see next photo)