Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007


she´s got rhythm.... walnuts
guardian cat not pleased to wake up and find ´fresh air´...

she´s got more rhythm...
mommy´s hairband...
...is now Mia´s hat
papa loves me

Holiday Guest II

Granny Annly

Holiday guests I

Uncle Karl Cute Auntie Anna
El Glop (note to hubby...we really need to branch out in the restaurant area...)

To our friends around the world

Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Swiss chards and buckwheat noodles

I realize how mundane my blog must have become for my non-parent friends around the world since Mia's birth. At least for the time being, instead of writing exotic travel tales from Shanghai, mysterious and beautiful photos of Israel and concerts in various parts of Europe, I talk about my daily life at home in Tiana, and which teeth may (or may not!) be coming through for Mia, and what new food she may (or may not) be liking.

So here we go:
Uncle Goel's visit :)
alien food
strange color for facial hair, wouldn't you say?point of no return

celebrating being a girl

I've been so concentrated on being a gender-unbiased parent, exposing Mia to all types of toys (instead of just plush animals and so far, no 'real' dolls), dressing her in a rainbow array of colors (instead of only pink), I was touched by a moment of softness when she was bathed in the gentle sun in the company of her little tiger-hear me rooooaarrrrr!!!!!-friend.

now, Mia in the sea of leaves

Sunday, December 02, 2007

first vehicle, upgraded

ok, ok...I know, you'll get your license before your mom...

two more teeth?

We do see them already, M's upper teeth are coming out. I've spent most of the night calming her from screaming out of her sleep, and am expecting much of the same for tonight, too. We forget about growing pains unless a young one is around. Thank God that most of us don't remember what it was like...

sweet girl, I ASSURE you cheekbones will set in soon...

finding Mia