Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barb and Metz's chair - Mia welcomes her first 'real' Spring

A girl's gotta have her shoes

Natural phenonmenons

this happened here last week, it was orginally heavy hail, then because it came down so much and so fast, piles of while fluff gathered against the sidewalk, making the Mediterranean land look like the Northeast...wait, what country are we talking about?

a fabulous storm in Shanghai the last few days we were there, I do love how lights sparkle in the mass confusion of rain

Monday, April 14, 2008


Finally, we've made it back alive. How we did it is beyond me. In the long run, it will definitely make all three of us stronger people, but for now, I'm still left with something that is suspiciously reminiscent of an ulcer, or a stomach flu that won't go away.

Sitting here in a semi-dark kitchen with a fading, but golden light in the sky, I can honestly say that life has never been more challenging, or more rewarding prior to motherhood. Moments like now are almost impossible to come by, and if not for the stubborn jet-lag, or possible new tooth coming in, I may not get another one like it for a long time.

Since we've been back, M has definitely crossed some important growth threshold. She has been extremely alert (even more so than before), interactive, affectionate and communicative. Her affections are no longer strictly breast related; there seems to be clear joy in having other body contact. She will take my hand, grab my legs, lean on my back while I'm on the floor, giggle, smile and laugh. It still amazes me to see her smile, and when her face lights up, I still find my eyes tearing up. I could never have imagined motherhood to be this intense.

M will be one-year old in a few weeks. We're planning a little party for us, and she may decide to join us from time to time if she wishes :) Everybody is welcome, and as a party is with children, you are free to come and go as you wish. We are delighted to share any part of this event with our friends and families. The birthday celebration will be a day of celebration.

While we were talking to Auntie Mande last night via Skype video, :) it occurred to me that I haven't updated Mia's changing likes and dislikes for a long time. So here it goes:

M gets great joy out of listening to upbeat music and loves (LOVES ) to dance to it. She hums along occasionally and moves and rocks to the rhythm. She enjoys flipping through books, magazines, especially the page turning part. M definitely doesn't care for plush toys of any sort, doesn't seem to like toys at all. Pictures of friends on the wall, posters and recognizable faces definitely peak her interests. She loves shoes, particularly likes to chew on them. She's managed to figure out how to un-velcro her own from time to time, so she can take them off to chew them. M has 6 teeth now, and more are coming in as we speak. She is in the stage when putting things in and out of boxes really intrigue her.

Time to feed for the parents, good night, world :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Transportation in Shanghai

not really transportation, but interesting and seemingly dangerous way of curing your meat, or is it meat?

sugar canes


let the sleeping bull sleep

Shanghai harbor


Spiderman club in Shanghai

grey skies and smog provided especially by Shanghainese industries for this photo shoot

amazing photos by amazing husband, NabĂ­

Spring in Shanghai

here's one for Amanda: Magnolias - Shanghai's city flower

Spring has definitely arrived in Shanghai, we saw these on our morning walk, maybe uncle tree-berry Gerry can identify them for us?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy 11th-month, Mia :)

just one month away until she gets a whole number to herself! :)
Happy birthday, my love.  

Mia meets Bloomington

I can' figure out how to move pictures around on my new Mac from blogspot, so the order of these photos are rather random...sorry :(

Alissa, Giulia and Mia

Me, Mia and Giulia

dinner at Elisabeth and Jairo's

tapas at the Farm with Stanley


late night shopping at Kroger's


the Northwards...

mama Erica, Nigel, and big brother Gabriel

and we're back to Stanley again

and now back to little Giulia

the one-shoe club

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tummy flu :(

So, it turns out everybody has the stomach flu in my mom's house.
I spent the day shivering, aching, and fevering, not to mention all the other
fun stuff that goes with a stomach flu. My mom was puking, and Mia
still has the runs. Geez... So far, our stay in Shanghai has not been
too fruitful or fun :(

Dr. Li prescribed some terrible tasting herbs which seemed to have worked.
My mom lit some suspicious herb to 'smoke' one of my chakras. The herb
smelled awfully similar to pot. Hopefully, things will look brighter by tomorrow,
and less painful.

On the upside, I seem to be able to access Blogspot periodically throughout
the day. Maybe it's the fact I do so between 3 to 4am each day that grants me
more access than a busier time of the day.

Who knows, off I go to rest my sore bones!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Greetings from Shanghai!

This is amazing. I just accessed my blog from China, this has never happened before, so I thought I would post a quick note to celebrate, and then leave the page open for my mom to see in case the access is denied later.

I am officially a "D.M." now, I plan to do great things with these two little letters after my name
from now. What? I have no idea, but they will be great. I'm sure of it!

N just bought a cheap cello to keep here for future uses when he visits. M has the runs, poor baby. She does love her food though, and is brave enough to keep on experimenting. For now, I
think I'll put her back on a clear porridge diet if she'll have it.

We're loving being in the big city and as always, are overwhelmed by the myriad of colors, sounds, and smells. The journey from the US to Shanghai via Paris was long and heinous, I hope
we'll never have to take such a long trip again.

Meanwhile, a big hello to everybody. And to all those who we've just visited, it was great to see you and these visits are always way too infrequent and far too short. I look forward to catching up again, hopefully not in a future too distant. Love from all of us.