Friday, May 23, 2008


M has been taking solo steps for about a week now. She concentrates very hard when doing so without holding onto anything. We never push, she does everything on her own, and once she reaches us, she breaks into giggles and laughs. Here is M cruising around the garden, deadheading flowers that are not dead in the head yet, putting them in her cart as she goes along.

I CAUGHT you taking a picture behind my back, mommy!

yelling at her cart for getting stuck

bonding time with Skippy

stealing Skippy´s food

a kiss is not worth a thousand sardines, says Skippy

Skippy: damn! she found me under the laundry, too??? can a cat have no peace???

no worries, Skips, there´s always the other eye


rustic dinner

So, as everyone must already know by now, our family really enjoys fava seasons. Here are some photos of shelling activities, and gifts from our lovely neighbor Robert: swiss chards and celery.

Dinner was a big omelette made of eggs and swiss chard flowers, curried celery soup, tomato bread and cheese. Yum!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Uncle Gerry´s Delft Kimono

Dear Uncle Gerry from Amsterdam,

I wanted to thank you for the pretty blue Delft print kimono you made for me for my un-birthday.
Today after my morning nap, mommy tried it on me, and it fit perfectly!! With the little exception of my tummy, which is growing very rapidly. I had a garden day in my Delft kimono, which is more like tunic jacket now, please see below for pictures.

Thank you for thinking of me, we love you.

Love, Mia, mommy and papi

Here´s the first try, the front doesn´t quite reach

but oh, never fear, the velvety strap can be a toy

or a hairband

here´s me doing some naughty things

me, trying not to pull off the exploding pink petunias

I´m helping mommy organize, she puts them in, I pull them out...etc...

papi came home from his Sunday morning concert, making a ooo face at me

more help from me, where I take away the tools

ok, occassionally I manage to put things IN, too

my own ooo face

phew, that was tiring, time to go back inside for some lunch, ciao, uncle Gerry! :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

post-party party

after a few days of rain, we combined cleaning with some celebration of the resurfacing sun

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

celebration, flowers, and good wishes


Mia's good wish book


next day...opening Auntie A's books